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portrait with painting Tina has been an artist for thirty-five years developing and evolving her own style and approach through a wide range of media including pottery, clay, sculpture, oils and mixed media.
As an Integrative arts Psychotherapist and Visual Art Therapist the depth of her paintings are informed by a rich texture of knowledge and experience.
Recent inspiration has included nature and culture, architecture, structures, aerial design and light informed by the musicality of mark making, rhythm and intuitive flow of colour.
Exhibitions have included:Inside Outside, and Architects of the Imagination at The Ply Gallery Hornsey Town Hall.
Always informed by emotion, observation and personal interpretation, discovering individual perspectives and following her unique and original journey.

TIna Leslie lives and works in London

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2017   Diploma in Supervision
2006   I.A.T.E  Certificate in Supervision
1999-2002   I.A.T.E. M.A. Integrative Art Psychotherapy UKCP reg., University of North London
1999   I.A.T.E. Certificate in the Thearpeutic and Educational Application of the Arts
1993-1994   Post Graduate Degree in Art Therapy
1979-1981   HND in Ceramics, Licentiate of Designer Craftsmen,
Westminster University, Harrow
1975-1977   Foundation Course,
Harrogate College of Art, Harrogate
Exhibition History
September 2017 Architects of the Imagination,
solo exhibition of paintings and prints,
The Ply Gallery, Hornsey Town Hall, London
May 2016 Inside Outside, solo exhibition of paintings and prints,
The Ply Gallery, Hornsey Town Hall, London
June 2015 Exhibition of prints, Oil and Water, London
April 2015 Exhibition of paintings, Bonne Matin, London
December 2014 Exhibition of paintings, Sable D’Ore, London
September 2012 T.E.A. - Exhibition of paintings and prints by Tina Leslie and Emily Hume-Paton, Burgh House, London
November 2009 Exhibition of paintings, The Gallery, Henley Business School, Henley-on-Thames
June 2009   Exhibition of paintings, Koukan Gallery, London
October 2008     Exhibition of paintings, Helsinki, Finland
August 2008   Exhibition of paintings, Satakunta University Art Gallery, Finland
April 1996    Exhibition of ceramic sculptures, Ashbourne Gallery, Derbyshire
June 1995 Exhibition of ceramic sculptures, Lynn Strover Gallery, Cambridge
September 1992 Solo paintings Exhibition, The Wine Gallery, London
August 1992 Summer Exhibition, John Jones Gallery, London
April  1992 Solo exhibition of ceramics and paintings, The Grove Gallery, Cambridge
November 1991 Solo exhibition of paintings, Florians, London
November 1991 Exhibition of mixed media works, Kingsgate Gallery, London
September 1990   Exhibition of ceramic sculptures, Woman's Art Festival, Brighton
June 1990 Exhibition of ceramic sculptures, Kingsgate Gallery, London
May 1990 Exhibition of ceramic sculptures, Fiveways, Brighton
September 1989 Exhibition of ceramic sculptures, Aalborg, Denmark
November 1988 Exhibition of ceramic sculptures, Sue Williams Gallery, London
October 1988 Exhibition of ceramic sculptures, Albizarre Gallery, London
April 1988 Exhibition of ceramic sculptures, Sharon Plant Show House London
April 1985 Exhibition of ceramic sculptures, Cecilia Colman Gallery, London
December 1984 Exhibition of ceramic sculptures, Kingsgate Gallery, London
November  1984 Exhibition of ceramic sculptures, Anatole Orient, London
May 1984 Exhibition of ceramic sculptures, Harrogate Trade Fare, Harrogate



TIna Leslie at Florians 2

An Exhibition of Paintings and Prints by Tina Leslie

Tuesday - Friday noon - 3pm/6pm to 10:30pm
Saturday - Sunday noon to 11pm/11.00am - 4.30pm

Thursday 8 November to January 2019

Florians 2
4 Topsfield Parade
Middle Lane
London N8 8PR


Prints Avaiable for Sale

Impressions from the Shard
Impressions form the Shard, Mixed media, 40.5 x 31 inches

Tina has been working on a series of work using mixed media on paper of London
since the end of 2013. Some of these are available to buy as giclee prints. For more
information click here.


The Presence
The Presence, oil on primed paper, 21 x 28 inches

The painting 'The Presence' is published in the book from the wildlife charity Tusk and was auctioned and sold at Christies on 20 September 2010. Fee from the sale was donated to
Tusk to support the charity for its valuable contribution to continue their work in protectiing
the wildlife.

Giclee print of this work is available to buy. For more information click here.



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